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With over 2,000 locations in the United Kingdom, the American sandwich chain Subway is a proven franchise model that has experienced worldwide success. 

After 2 years of management, the owner of a busy Subway branch in Bristol was looking to sell the business in order to pursue a new opportunity overseas. 

The business, situated in a desirable location is very popular with local students and commuters. With a successful takeaway and delivery service through Uber Eats and Just Eat, the business has been able to continue generating revenue throughout national lockdowns.

Following a recommendation by a local networking group member, the owner of the business approached our team to help find a buyer.

“The business had been running successfully for 2 years and I was ready to cash in on my investment and pursue a new opportunity.  I approached Bristol Business Brokers following a recommendation from a networking contact.”


The Challenge

Due to the popularity of the chain, demand was high which meant that all enquiries would need to be properly fielded in order to identify buyers that had the capital to purchase the business and were motivated.

After initially finding a committed buyer the deal, which looked promising, unfortunately collapsed during negotiations and a new buyer had to be found.

National lockdowns also had an impact on the progress of the deal, with some potential buyers delaying making such a large investment due to economic uncertainty.

The Bristol Business Brokers Solution


To ensure that we understood the business thoroughly and could market it to the right audience, we conducted site visits to get to know the management team and see how the business operated day-to-day.

Due to the popularity of the franchise and the prime location of the establishment, we received interest from multiple parties in response to our campaigns from the offset.

To increase the chances of finding the right buyer, our team analysed each lead to identify those that were in a position to purchase the business. 

Following the collapse of the original deal, we resumed our campaign until a promising buyer looking for new opportunities was found through a local networking group.

With 2 Subways already in their portfolio, the buyer was ideal for this opportunity and initial conversations with our team were very positive.

The Results   

With a suitable and motivated buyer found, negotiations commenced and a deal was agreed upon between both parties.

The legal process was then followed to make the sale official and the deal was formally completed. Our team remained on hand for both the buyer and seller throughout to support them as required. 

We were able to manage the entire process of selling the business from start to finish, allowing the seller to focus on running the business whilst preparing for their new opportunity.

“As my first experience using a business broker, I am very satisfied with the results. Simon and his team showed perseverance throughout and hit the ground running once more when the first deal fell through.” 


The buyer of the business, who had never used a broker before to find a new business was also pleased with the outcome of the deal.

“As the owner of 2 other Subways, this was the perfect opportunity for me and certainly not one you would find on the public market.”

“Simon and his team were very interactive throughout the process and kept me updated on any new developments in what is a complicated climate. “

“The whole process was very straightforward and I would recommend Bristol Business Brokers for anyone looking to buy a new business. “

Rodney, Buyer

Buying or Selling a Business?

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Through highly targeted campaigns and access to privileged networking groups, our unique approach means that we find opportunities to buy and sell businesses that other brokers cannot.

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