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A broker with a difference

With our experience comes understanding. Bristol Business Brokers understand that buying or selling a business is both difficult physically and stressful emotionally. Our supportive and hands-on approach means you can relax, knowing that your legacy, goals and ambitions are safe with us.

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Businesses For Sale

Location: North Bristol
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Turnover: £760k
Location: Outskirts of Bristol
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Turnover: £166K
Location: Wotton Under Edge
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Buying a business

We help investors find the perfect business to buy. Whether you’re looking to grow through acquisition, buy out the market or start a new venture, we bring together a range of businesses for sale from business networks and a pool of clients to find you opportunities that match your ambition.


Looking to buy a business ?

Thinking about selling your business ?

Selling a business

Whether through ill health, retirement or wanting to cash in on your hard work – we can help find the perfect buyer for your business. We recognise the sensitivity around selling your business, that’s why we not only ensure you get the best deal, but also take steps to present you with offers from buyers that share your values.


7 easy steps to prepare your business for sale guide

“A recent survey showed the number one reason private business sales fail or partially succeed is a lack of planning on the seller’s part.”


Why us ?

1. Personal

Our personal hands-on approach to brokering allows us to get the best deal for you.

2. Experience

We bring over 25 years’ experience in exit planning and sales.


3. Results

We work with a small number of clients at any one time to ensure best results.

4. Network

We have access to an extensive network of privileged business contacts, referral partners and investors.


Are you an accountant ?

We specialise in the buying and selling of accountancy businesses. If you’re a buyer looking to grow your practice through acquisition or are an accountant that is looking to wind up due to increasingly complex and modern tax systems, we can help ensure you get the best deal.

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Just imagine. You are not a business owner, you are an elite athlete. A long distance specialist. Your business is the 10,000 metres. Your dedication and hard work during training has prepared you for this most gruelling of events. You have a detailed plan...

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