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Bristol Business Brokers was formed to address the need for a broker with a difference, one that recognised that all businesses were unique and took a hands-on approach to pair sellers with buyers – based on more than monetary value alone.

Our approach to selling your business or finding you the perfect business to buy is all-encompassing and considers the ambitions, goals and values of both parties to ensure the best deal for everyone.

With a range of targeted marketing activities in place and a network of local investors, we don’t just wait for an opportunity to present itself.

Selling your business – Our approach

The 5 step process we take to sell your business

  1. Research – At this initial research stage, we take the time to understand what your businesses is all about and what makes it unique. During this process, we often spend time on premises or out with clients and staff to really capture this.
  2. PreparationWhen preparing to sell your business, we carry out a valuation, create a sales memorandum and create a target list of potential buyers – we’ll also be on hand to give you any tax advice you may need throughout this process.
  3. Marketing Once your business is prepared for sale, we use local business networks, referral partners, digital campaigns and targeted lists to engage with potential buyers.
  4. Selection We’ll work to find buyers who share your values and are ready to purchase your business for the agreed sum.
  5. Negotiation We’ll aid you in agreeing on the terms of sale and completing all the legal documentation required for a frictionless sale.

Finding the right business to buy – Our approach

The 5 step process we take to find you the right business to buy

  1. Research – At this initial research stage, we take the time to understand your requirements, what kind of business you are looking for and why – are you looking to expand, grow by acquisition or take on a new venture.
  2. Preparation – Based on our initial research, we’ll create a target list of businesses that match your criteria.
  3. Marketing – Using local business networks, referral partners, digital campaigns and formal letters, we’ll work to find businesses for sale that match your criteria. With access to privileged business contacts, we’ll be able to bring you businesses that are not openly marketed. 
  4. Selection – We’ll identify 3 possible options of businesses that match your criteria to purchase and present them to you.
  5. Negotiation – If you’re happy with our section and wish to pursue, we’ll aid in agreeing on the terms of sale and completing all necessary legal work required for a frictionless purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a broker?

A business is a huge asset and there’s no room for error when negotiating such a significant financial deal. Many clients we work with began their journey of buying or selling a business alone.

Without the right contacts, expertise and local knowledge, it can be very difficult to find a buyer or business to buy that meets your criteria, ensuring all legal documentation is correct is also difficult without expert help and not having an understanding of this can make you less attractive, or on the contrary, ‘easy prey’ for the other party.

What steps do you take to ensure confidentiality?

We protect the identity of both the buyer and the seller until a Non-Disclosure Agreement has been signed. At this stage, buyers will be able to review the financial records of the business we have selected for them.

How long does your process take?

We’re completely transparent about our timeframes, but every business is completely unique and there are many factors that make a business easier or more difficult to sell. As a rule of thumb, we expect most transactions to be completed within a year.

Get the best deal with Bristol Business Brokers

At Bristol Business Brokers, we recognise that selling or buying a business can be a daunting and time consuming process, but we can help. With a team of expert brokers and abundant local knowledge, we’re well placed to help you buy or sell a business on terms that suit your goals and ambitions.

To have an honest conversation about how we can get you the best deal for you when buying or selling a business, why not get in touch today and arrange a time for a coffee and an initial conversation? Call today on 0117 379 0117, or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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