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Bundle Bean is an e-commerce business founded in 2011 which designs a range ofwaterproof products including ponchos and covers that can be used on buggies, car seats, carriers and wheelchairs.

Having built the business up from scratch, the current owner felt they had taken the business as far as they could and was ready to cash in on all their hard work and sell the business.

The owner of Bundle Bean had previously worked with another broker, but found the service lacked a personal touch and felt all the emphasis was on the numbers, rather than caring about the brand and its future. 

After being approached by a client looking to purchase a niche business in the e-commerce sector, our team identified Bundle Bean as an excellent opportunity and reached out to the owners to discuss the possibility of the business being sold. 

“We had been receiving numerous cold emails from other business brokers, so it was a welcome change to hear from Stewart at Bristol Business Brokers directly, and it came at the perfect time”.

Emily – Founder,  Bundle Bean

Finding the Ideal Buyers for Bundle Bean

After an initial fact finding meeting with Bundle Bean, our team valued the business based on several factors including potential growth, current profitability, the strength of the brand and future profitability.

With our client looking for a young online business in a niche sector with growth potential, Bundle Bean ticked all the boxes and introductions were made.

The initial meetings were extremely productive and it quickly became clear that there was a mutual desire between both parties and that the buyers would continue to develop and grow the business in the way that the current owner was looking for.

After negotiations, an initial offer was made and the conditions of the deal were finalised between both parties with support from our team.

Given their success in growing the business and developing new products, the deal included that the owner of Bundle Bean would continue working on a part time basis in a consultancy role at the business post-sale.

“I received the first offer for the business quicker than expected and after meeting the potential buyer, it was clear that the buyer saw the value of the business beyond monetary value alone.

I didn’t initially see myself staying on at the business for more than a handover period, but we both recognised the value that I would be able to add with a role at the company.”

Emily – Founder,  Bundle Bean

Preventing Deal Fatigue

Despite the initial stages of the deal progressing smoothly, an issue with the internal accounts meant that the sale of the business had to be delayed.

With the seller concerned about the prospect of deal fatigue, it was the role of our experienced team to keep in touch with both parties throughout and update them to alleviate any concerns about the deal falling through.

Throughout the deal, our client director Stewart Anderson built up a strong working relationship with both buyer and seller and was able to keep the momentum going even when challenges arose.

With the accounting matter resolved and the business cleared for sale, both owner and buyer committed to the deal and final preparations began.

The Results   

With both parties agreeing to the terms of the deal, we helped to complete the legal process and other necessary procedures to finalise the deal, the deal took 10 months to complete in total.

The handover to the new owners was extremely successful and there was no downtime or interruptions experienced by customers or staff.

The previous owner of Bundle Bean is now working in a consultancy role at the business and their wealth of product experience has proven to be valuable to the new owners. 

The new owners of Bundle Bean are extremely pleased with the outcome of the deal, commenting that they enjoyed the opportunity to work with Stewart and the team with brokers that actually add value being hard to find. They are now working to develop and expand the business further whilst also maintaining the brand.

“After having a poor experience with a broker before, I was hesitant about engaging with another, but Bristol Business Brokers proved to be a breath of fresh air.

As well as explaining everything in a jargon-free way, they supported me at every stage of the deal, helping me to navigate many potentially expensive and time consuming pitfalls; I wouldn’t have been able to do this without them!

The service was also extremely personal and friendly; they thought about the needs of myself and the business, rather than just focusing on the sale.  This meant that they knew exactly the kind of buyer I was looking for and so found a buyer with similar values.

I am extremely happy with the outcome of the deal and enjoying my new role at Bundle Bean. I would recommend Bristol Business Brokers to anybody looking to sell their business”.

Emily – Founder,  Bundle Bean

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